#1 TEFL Course in Argentina

The TEFLArgentina Certification Course is a practical, hands-on course which prepares you to teach English in a variety of settings in Argentina and around the world. We are a proud institutional member of The College of Teachers and issue an internationally recognized TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate to our graduates upon successful completion of the course. No previous teaching experience is required to enroll and most of our graduates start paid teaching positions within a month of completing the course. Register now for one of our upcoming courses and take the first step towards making your dream of teaching abroad a reality.


Job Placement

In addition to preparing you to be a confident English teacher and helping you write a successful teaching resume/CV, we also assist you in finding paid teaching jobs after graduation. Job interview and resume/CV writing workshops during the course will help you prepare for meetings with prospective employers. All high-achieving graduates will also have access to our local job placement assistance service.

Gain teaching experience

International Certificate

The TEFL certificate that you will receive upon successful completion of the course is recognized around the globe. You will be qualified to teach English in Argentina or in just about any other country in the world. Most of our graduates choose to stay and teach in Argentina and find paid employment within a month of finishing the course.

Boost your resume

Hands-On Teaching Practice

Unlike accelerated and online TEFL courses, the TEFLArgentina course includes real, hands-on teaching practice with local English as a second language (ESL) learners. Every week, you will design lesson plans with the guidance of the professor and lead group classes for English students of different ages, backgrounds and ability levels who come to our school to learn the language.

Learn to lead a class

Institutional Recognition

TeflArgentina is a proud institutional member of The College of Teachers, meaning that we comply with the academic and administrative criteria set by this highly esteemed educational institution. These criteria range from proper learning facilities to the professional qualifications of our teaching staff, all of which are met by TEFLArgentina

Go global

Housing is one of the most important elements of your immersion experience in Argentina. We recommend that you carefully consider each of our housing options and then base your decision on important factors including your immersion goals, budget, personality type and desired level of independence.

Host Family

Living in a homestay with a local family is a great way to immerse yourself completely in the Argentine culture and practice speaking Spanish on a daily basis. All of our host families enjoy interacting with foreigners and are eager to be a part of your learning experience here in Buenos Aires. Whether you live with a family in Recoleta, Palermo or Belgrano, you will have a short commute to the school in the mornings.

This housing option is perfect for open-minded students who are eager to interact with locals, learn about the Argentine culture and develop their Spanish language skills.

Shared Flat

Young Argentines are the hosts of our shared apartments, which are located in the nicest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and are within walking or close commuting distance of our office and language school where the TEFL course is held. The apartments are sometimes shared between Argentine siblings or friends and other international students and travelers.

Shared apartments are ideal for independent students who prefer to have more privacy than the student residence allows. Living with a young Argentine is also a great way to practice your Spanish and learn more about the culture from your host.


We offer two different housing options along with our TEFL Course, as well as the option to do just the course. Our comprehensive job placement service is included with all options to ensure that you get a fast return on your investment.

TEFL Course
With no housing

TEFL Course

Job Placement

International Certificate

Hands-On Teaching Practice

No Housing Included

TEFL Course
With Home Stay

TEFL Course

International Certificate

Hands-On Teaching Practice

4 Weeks Host Family

Sample Feature 5



“TEFL Argentina has helped me understand what it is to teach! I’m really thankful for all I’ve learned in the past month”.

Alie Church
TEFL Student, April 2015

tom delaney

The course was actually a lot more challenging than I thought it would be, and I learned a lot more than I expected.”

Tom Delaney

TEFL Student, March 2015

Elizabeth Grant

“The teaching practice is a little nerveracking in the first time, and then you get comfortable and used to it and you see yourself improving over the course of four weeks and it’s really really fun. All the students are very receptive.”

Elizabeth Grant

TEFL Student, October 2014

TEFL course comparison

Not all TEFL / TESOL classes and companies are the same. We put together a list of the main questions we recommend our students to ask to any TEFL / TESOL provider. It also includes a list of all the courses you could take in South America.

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