Upcoming Course Start Dates

Monday, January 4thFriday, May 20th
Friday, January 29thFriday, June 17th
Friday, February 26thFriday, July 15th
Friday, March 25thFriday, August 12th
Friday, April 22ndFriday, September 9th

All of our courses are 4 weeks (120 hours) in length and require a full-time commitment for the duration of the course. Students should plan to be available daily Monday through Friday between 10am until 5pm, keeping in mind that teaching practice session may run as late as 7pm on Thursdays and Friday afternoons, depending upon the number of students enrolled in the course.  You will have evenings and weekends free throughout the course.

Classes officially start on the Monday following the Friday start date but the orientation is held on Friday.

Note: We strong suggest that incoming participants take Spanish classes and they are available through our partnership with Road2Argentina, but should be taken before or after the course. Please click here to learn more about our Spanish classes.

TEFL Course
No housing

TEFL Course

Job Placement

International Certificate

Hands-On Teaching Practice

No Housing Included

TEFL Course
With HomeStay

TEFL Course

Job Placement

International Certificate

Hands-On Teaching Practice

4 Weeks Host Family

Spanish Classes

-Do you love languages? In addition to becoming a certified TEFL teacher, take some time to be a student and take Spanish classes. Not only will you improve your Spanish language skills but you will also learn how to identify with your English students and the obstacles they face as a learner of a second language.

-We offer Spanish classes to learners of all levels, with group and individual lessons. Please visit the Road2Argentina Website for more information.


Having a comfortable place to call home is one of the most important aspects of your time in Buenos Aires. We have a variety of housing options for you to choose from based on your Spanish immersion goals and desired level of independence.

Road2Argentina - Provided Support

Our partner, Road2Argentina, helps us give you the best experience in Buenos Aires.

Airport Transfer

To ensure you have a worry-free transition from the airport to your housing, we schedule and pay for your airport pickup to your housing, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a reputable form of transportation or changing money at expensive airport currency exchanges.

Road2Argentina-Provided Support

Also included in your program fee is 24/7 Emergency Support, ensuring that you will never be without a safety net, even if you don’t need it!


As part of your program fee, twice weekly activities and monthly group dinners are included in your program to help you get out and meet locals and other foreign travelers. You will also be provided with a welcome orientation, welcome breakfast and an end-of-program celebratory lunch.)

Road2Argentina also provides you with the use of the following complimentary services:
Cell Phone Use
Trip Planning
Luggage Storage and Post Mail Reception
Traveler’s Insurance (separate fee)

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“A great thing of TEFL Argentina working with Road2Argentina is that they do loads of good activities, it’s a really great way to meet people. Every Friday afternoon they have “Mate & Medialunas” which is really nice and really fun.”

Phoebe Robinson

TEFL Student, October 2014

“It’s intensive but it’s a great course. I highly recommend it. My friend and I just graduated from university and it’s a great thing to do to live abroad for a year or something like that.”

Will Zupan
TEFL Student, October 2014

“The teaching practice is a little nerveracking in the first time, and then you get comfortable and used to it and you see yourself improving over the course of four weeks and it’s really really fun. All the students are very receptive.”

Elizabeth Grant

TEFL Student, October 2014